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VIXEN CO LTD has a total of 27 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 1999. It filed its patents most often in Japan, China and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). Its main competitors in its focus markets optics, measurement and environmental technology are AKTSIONERNOE OBSHCHESTVO NAUCHNO-PROIZVODSTVENNOE OBEDINENIE GOSUDARSTVENNYJ INST PRIKLADNOJ OPTIKI, NIKON VISION CO LTD and SHANGHAI NORTH OCEAN PHOTONICS TECH CO LTD.

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World map showing VIXEN CO LTDs patent filings in countries

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Chart showing VIXEN CO LTDs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

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Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Fujimoto Norimasa 9
#2 Niitsuma Kazue 7
#3 Kashima Nobutsugu 5
#4 Hattori Yuichi 5
#5 Takashima Toru 4
#6 Hirono Mitsuaki 3
#7 Mitsuaki Hirono 3
#8 Kitayama Teruyasu 2
#9 Nakatani Koichiro 2
#10 Tensei Fujimoto 2

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
JP2019191615A Altazimuth mount and telescope system
JP2018017829A Celestial body guide device, celestial body guide method and program
JP2017134295A Fine movement mechanism, altazimuth mount and telescope system
JP2017134296A Altazimuth mount and telescope system
JP2017102147A Variable magnification optical unit and telescope system
JP2016181873A Device and method for supporting astronomical photography, and program
JP2016145888A Time lapse imaging support device, time lapse imaging support method, and program
JP2016125598A Battery storing supporting device and battery unit
JP2016038401A Astronomical guide device, astronomical guide method, and program
JP2015064452A Field illumination device, observation optical device using field illumination device, and field illumination method
JP2015034790A Azimuth measuring device
JP2015034946A Ocular lens
JP2014203057A Telephoto objective lens
JP2014157208A Celestial body guiding apparatus, celestial body guiding method, and program
JP2014109597A Fastener
JP2014098793A Tripod accessory case
JP2013160696A Adjuster for celestial observation
JP2012163751A Protective cover of optical telescopic device
WO2004107012A1 Automatic introduction system of celestial body
JP2000214381A Achromatic lens system