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    ⇧ 200.0%

SHANGHAI NORTH OCEAN PHOTONICS TECH CO LTD has a total of 20 patent applications. It increased the IP activity by 200.0%. Its first patent ever was published in 2017. It filed its patents most often in China. Its main competitors in its focus markets optics, measurement and machines are NIKON VISION CO LTD, NINGBO SUNNY AUTOMOTIVE OPTICAL TECH CO LTD and ANDO TAKAMASA.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing SHANGHAI NORTH OCEAN PHOTONICS TECH CO LTDs patent filings in countries
# Country Total Patents
#1 China 20

Patent filings per year

Chart showing SHANGHAI NORTH OCEAN PHOTONICS TECH CO LTDs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Focus industries

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Lou Xinye 19
#2 Huang He 19
#3 Lin Tao 19
#4 Meng Yuhuang 10
#5 Wu Xingkun 8
#6 Li Qing 8
#7 Zheng Xujun 2
#8 Hao Fang 1

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
CN111929703A Optical processing assembly, ToF emitting device and ToF depth information detector
CN111679439A Optical field modulator and modulation method thereof
CN111730792A Integrally-formed resin light homogenizing element and manufacturing method thereof
CN111596463A Dodging assembly
CN111458692A Depth information processing method and system and electronic equipment
CN111198444A Dimension-increasing camera device and light emitting assembly and application thereof
CN110850599A Infrared floodlighting assembly
CN110850669A Micro LED-based developing device and developing method thereof
CN110187594A A kind of line style light field projector
CN109407326A A kind of augmented reality display system and its manufacturing method based on diffraction integrator
CN109459813A A kind of planar optical waveguide based on two-dimensional grating
CN109407187A A kind of multilayered structure optical diffusion sheet
CN108873350A A kind of waveguide display device
CN108681067A A kind of waveguide display device at extended field of view angle
CN108387960A It can be used for the multilayered structure grating of augmented reality glasses
CN106950700A A kind of augmented reality eyeglass device of micro- projector's separation
CN106597672A Augmented reality display device based on waveguide