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HUTCHIN RICHARD A has a total of 11 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 1983. It filed its patents most often in United States, Germany and United Kingdom. Its main competitors in its focus markets optics, measurement and environmental technology are VIXEN CO LTD, KAMAKURA KOKI CO LTD and AKTSIONERNOE OBSHCHESTVO NAUCHNO-PROIZVODSTVENNOE OBEDINENIE GOSUDARSTVENNYJ INST PRIKLADNOJ OPTIKI.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing HUTCHIN RICHARD As patent filings in countries
# Country Total Patents
#1 United States 9
#2 Germany 1
#3 United Kingdom 1

Patent filings per year

Chart showing HUTCHIN RICHARD As patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Hutchin Richard A 11
#2 Hunwardsen Matthew T 1
#3 Jacoby Marc T 1

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
US2015069216A1 Laser beam control system with bidirectional beam director
US2012292481A1 Multi-beam laser beam control and imaging system and method
US2012255540A1 Sun tracking solar concentrator
US2012162631A1 Active imaging system and method
US2012013988A1 Head mounted display having a panoramic field of view
US2011176565A1 Multi-beam laser control system and method
US2011103410A1 Laser beam control system and method
US2010202070A1 Deformable mirror
US4584484A Microscope for producing high resolution images without precision optics