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CHIPS & TECH INC has a total of 70 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 1987. It filed its patents most often in United States, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and EPO (European Patent Office). Its main competitors in its focus markets computer technology, audio-visual technology and basic communication technologies are BENCHMARK TECHNOLOGIES, MAMBA NORIO and S MOS SYSTEMS INC.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing CHIPS & TECH INCs patent filings in countries

Patent filings per year

Chart showing CHIPS & TECH INCs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Johary Arun 13
#2 Catlin Robert W 10
#3 Pleva Robert M 9
#4 Oguchi Tetsuji 8
#5 Jones Jr Morris E 6
#6 Blomgren James S 6
#7 Randall Martin 4
#8 Fung Michael G 3
#9 Khan Rashid N 3
#10 Picard James A 3

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
US5793385A Address translator for a shared memory computing system
US5781768A Graphics controller utilizing a variable frequency clock
US5638083A System for allowing synchronous sleep mode operation within a computer
US5555460A Method and apparatus for providing a reformatted video image to a display
US5473572A Power saving system for a memory controller
US5802548A Software programmable edge delay for SRAM write enable signals on dual purpose cache controllers
US5422654A Data stream converter with increased grey levels
US5432905A Advanced asyncronous video architecture
US5386584A Interrupt-generating keyboard scanner using an image RAM
US5452432A Partially resettable, segmented DMA counter
US5327364A Arithmetic logic unit for microprocessor with sign bit extended
US5297271A Method and apparatus for performing a read-write-modify operation in a VGA compatible controller
WO9320513A1 Method and apparatus for performing run length tagging for increased bandwidth in dynamic data repetitive memory systems
US5305319A FIFO for coupling asynchronous channels
WO9306549A1 A system for performing input and output operations to and from a processor
US5455909A Microprocessor with operation capture facility
US5317694A Fast write support for vga controller
US5325516A Processor system with dual clock
US5285192A Compensation method and circuitry for flat panel display
US5227989A Arithmetic logic unit for microprocessor with sign bit extend