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As startup founders ourselves, we initially launched an AI-driven patent evaluation software. Yet, our path shifted when tech startups sought more than just patent evaluation – they needed expert IP strategy guidance. Recognizing the thrill of collaborating with brilliant minds, we transitioned to becoming the dedicated IP team for tech startups.

Why tech startups, you ask? Well, we believe in startups because their groundbreaking concepts deserve unparalleled protection, and we contribute to their success by sharing invaluable best practices.

Our team is a powerhouse, comprising legal, patent, business, tech and software experts. Picture us as your internal team members, exclusively partnering with startups brimming with ingenious ideas.

At GoodIP, our services transcend the ordinary realm of IP protection, securing technology, code, design, know-how, data and branding. This comprehensive strategy shields every aspect of your startup’s innovations, ensuring both its impact and protection are optimized.

We create lasting partnerships with our customers, providing continuous support and strategic enhancements. With GoodIP by your side, you're not just prepared for change – you're equipped to navigate it, seize opportunities, and make informed decisions throughout your entrepreneurial journey. We'll manage your intellectual property, giving you one fewer thing to worry about.

Driven by a singular mission, GoodIP empowers startups with strategic intellectual property Jedi powers. Our goal is to safeguard, amplify and maximize the value of your innovations. As a leading authority in IP strategy and management, we've elevated the market value of startups across diverse industries with our holistic approach.

At GoodIP, our journey began with a clear vision - to revolutionize the way companies navigate the intricate world of intellectual property (IP).
As part of World IP Day 2018, GoodIP and OSRAM organized the meet-up "Innovations, Inventions & Intellectual Property: Women in Innovation".
GoodIP is invited to play in the hockey game Startup Founders vs Investors organised by Bits & Pretzels and Red Bull in Munich.
GoodIP pitches at the Founders Fight Club.
GoodIP is admitted to the startup accelerator program by the LMU Enterpreneurship Center and presents at Leading Enterpreneurs, one of the biggest pitch events in Munich.
GoodIP speaks at the High-growth Technology Conference of the European Patent Office in Dublin.
GoodIP speaks at the European Commission conference Smart IP for a Competitive Europe in Brussels.
Neurocare and Invitris share their experiences working with GoodIP.
GoodIP unveils GoodIP GO software, with which early stage startups can create their IP strategy automatically.
Goodip builds the IP strategy for the massive buyout of the IoT pioneer ProGlove.
Digital Innovation features GoodIP as the startup of the month in May 2022.
GoodIP helps ProGlove protect its innovations and win patent litigation against Chinese company.
GoodIP receives the award for the Best Session at the Intel Ignite Europe acceleration program.
GoodIP receives the “IP Gorilla” and “Most Influential CEO 2023 – Germany (Intellectual Property)” awards.
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