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Even if you have the best product, you will lose when competitors steal your ideas

Screenshot of a newspaper article titled top 10 ideas stolen by big business Screenshot of a newspaper article about whether Uber stole Googles IP
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Fight back

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We have always been shameless about stealing great ideasSteve Jobs

  • Big companies steal great ideas all the time
  • Investors do not fund companies that do not protect their ideas
  • Your idea deserves the best protection
  • How to successfully protect a great idea is a closed book to most entrepreneurs

Get peace of mind and secure funding with the revolutionary system that protects your technology, brand, and ideas

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GoodIP gives you everything you need to protect your business

Built by data scientists and top lawyers

Stop worrying about intellectual property right away

10x more likely to secure funding

Show investors that you have a plan how to protect your business

75% more earnings

Are made by companies that protect their intellectual property

How GoodIP’s digital system works


Data-driven risk assessment & tailor-made strategy

Know your risks and learn how to protect your ideas and secure funding.

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Top intellectual property experts execute your strategy

Assists you with the most difficult and burdensome parts of protecting your ideas.



IP is a minefield. The average patent dispute costs $3M and the median damage awarded is $10M.

Made in Germany

IP is a valuable quality that helps obtain funding. Having just one patent reduces the time to your first investment by up to 76%.

Perfect for growing companies

Creating useless IP is expensive. We help you protect what matters to your company.

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The digital way to check your risks and get your tailor-made strategy to protect your business

The data-driven application that seamlessly guides you through your intellectual property journey

  • Objective risk assessment
  • Easy to understand strategy
  • Recommendations to make you investor ready
  • Report & certificate
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The efficient way to protect your ideas when you are growing your business

Top intellectual property experts execute and continuously update your strategy when you are growing your business

  • Dedicated intellectual property expert implements strategy for you
  • Success tracking
  • An efficient process captures the innovations in your company
  • Access to knowledge and network

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