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ZI MEDICAL PLC has a total of 37 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 2002. It filed its patents most often in United Kingdom, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and EPO (European Patent Office). Its main competitors in its focus markets medical technology, electrical machinery and energy and measurement are EVERHEART SYSTEMS INC, SUN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY RES CORP and RESMED PARIS SAS.

Patent filings per year

Chart showing ZI MEDICAL PLCs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Gallagher George 15
#2 Dodgson Mark 8
#3 Hall Kenneth 6
#4 Danby Hal 5
#5 Blundred Neal 5
#6 Cable Paul 2
#7 Hall Kennth 2
#8 Senior Robert 2
#9 Hall Ken 1
#10 Robert Senior 1

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
WO2006100514A1 Force sensors
GB0500530D0 Position transducer
GB0428048D0 Syringe drivers
WO2005056088A1 Syringe driver housing
GB0422884D0 Syringe driver monitoring means
GB0422349D0 Electrical recharger unit
GB0422283D0 Reserve power for a battery
GB0421858D0 Strain gauge
GB0414480D0 Syringe driver housing
GB0328556D0 Syringe driver housing
GB0328558D0 An improved feed mechanism for a syringe pump
GB0228767D0 A syringe driver assembly
GB0228649D0 An improved infusion apparatus