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    ⇩ 30.0%

INTEL CORP has a total of 108,561 patent applications. It decreased the IP activity by 30.0%. Its first patent ever was published in 1969. It filed its patents most often in United States, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and China. Its main competitors in its focus markets computer technology, digital networks and telecommunications are FUJITSU LTD, VIA TECH INC and IBM.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing INTEL CORPs patent filings in countries

Patent filings per year

Chart showing INTEL CORPs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Ould-Ahmed-Vall Elmoustapha 1,117
#2 Ghani Tahir 1,076
#3 Pillarisetty Ravi 1,059
#4 Radosavljevic Marko 1,001
#5 Dewey Gilbert 919
#6 Kavalieros Jack T 911
#7 Chau Robert S 902
#8 Rachmady Willy 884
#9 Valentine Robert 805
#10 Li Qinghua 803

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
US2021117249A1 Infrastructure processing unit
US2021120077A1 Multi-tenant isolated data regions for collaborative platform architectures
US2021117341A1 Cache line slot level encryption based on context information
US2021117340A1 Cryptographic computing with disaggregated memory
US2021117473A1 Technologies for managing connected data on persistent memory-based systems
US2021117342A1 Encoded pointer based data encryption
US2021117360A1 Network and edge acceleration tile (next) architecture
US2021118393A1 Low power display refresh during semi-active workloads
US2021117244A1 Resource manager access control
US2021120703A1 Self cooling adaptive flow branching heat exchanger system for cooling of one or more semiconductor chips
US2021119730A1 Forward error correction and cyclic redundancy check mechanisms for latency-critical coherency and memory interconnects
US2021118404A1 Display with integrated illuminator
US2021117347A1 Technologies for dynamic input/output scaling
US2021120672A1 Triangular board assembly for solid state drive
US2021120455A1 Method and apparatus used in wlans
US2021116531A1 Radar apparatus, system, and method of generating angle of arrival (aoa) information
US2021119766A1 Technologies for memory and i/o efficient operations on homomorphically encrypted data
US2021119363A1 Ultra slim module form factor and connector architecture for top mount connection
US2021116988A1 Technologies for self-refresh display power saving
US2021120670A1 Reduced vertical profile ejector for liquid cooled modules