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COOK LACY G has a total of 22 patent applications. Its first patent ever was published in 2009. It filed its patents most often in United States. Its main competitors in its focus markets optics, measurement and weapons are SUZUKI TAKEOMI, BROADEX TECH CO LTD and POLYCHROMIX CORP.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing COOK LACY Gs patent filings in countries
# Country Total Patents
#1 United States 22

Patent filings per year

Chart showing COOK LACY Gs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Cook Lacy G 22
#2 Silny I John F 1
#3 Shimon Philip T 1
#4 Wheeler Bryce A 1
#5 Silny John F 1

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
US2013335839A1 All reflective real pupil telecentric imager
US2013284886A1 Radiation shielded reflective optical system
US2013187047A1 Full-field GEO imager optics with extended spectral coverage
US2013146771A1 Cold-shielded infrared dispersive spectrometer with all ambient optics
US2013114156A1 Derived all-reflective afocal optical system with aspheric figured beam steering mirror
US2013105671A1 Faceted retro-mirror for line-of-sight jitter sensing
US2013077157A1 Ultra compact inverse telephoto optical system for use in the IR spectrum
US8334975B1 Integrated 3-channel gas detection and measurement spectrometer
US2012292482A1 Multi-function airborne sensor system
US2012081706A1 Two material achromatic prism
US2012229914A1 Dual field of view refractive optical system for GEO synchronous earth orbit
US2012176671A1 Wide spectral coverage Ross corrected Cassegrain-like telescope
US2012087028A1 Anamorphic relayed imager having multiple rotationally symmetric powered mirrors
US2012081705A1 Two material achromatic prism
US2012057223A1 Dual field of view refractive optical system with external pupil and internal stabilization
US2011267615A1 Optical spectrometer with wide field of view fore-optics
US2011228383A1 Broad spectral telescope
US2011085235A1 All-reflective relayed focal telescope derived from the first two mirrors of an afocal three-mirror anastigmat
US2010245965A1 Real-time optical compensation of orbit-induced distortion effects in long integration time imagers
US2010202073A1 All-reflective afocal telescope derived from the first two mirrors of a focal three-mirror anastigmat telescope