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ALEX GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY INC has a total of 79 patent applications. It decreased the IP activity by 50.0%. Its first patent ever was published in 2002. It filed its patents most often in Taiwan, United States and Germany. Its main competitors in its focus markets transport, machine tools and environmental technology are KRONPRINZ MANNESMANN, MOL PIETER KRIJN and RUBERY OWEN DARLASTON LTD.

Patent filings in countries

World map showing ALEX GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY INCs patent filings in countries

Patent filings per year

Chart showing ALEX GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY INCs patent filings per year from 1900 to 2020

Top inventors

# Name Total Patents
#1 Chen Chao-Ying 48
#2 Chen Alex Wei-Jin 11
#3 Chen Wei-Chin 4
#4 Chaoying Chen 3
#5 Chen Alex 3
#6 Chen Wei-Jin 2
#7 Chen Weijin 1
#8 Chen Chaoying 1
#9 Chen, Chao-Ying 1
#10 Liu Chuan-Sheng 1

Latest patents

Publication Filing date Title
TWI708646B Wheel rim bur removing device
TWI677445B Manufacturing method of composite wheel and structure thereof
TWI625178B Method for manufacturing crank set of bicycle pedal
TWI626176B Compound structure of bicycle wheel rim
TWI615290B Carbon fibre wheel
AU2016202195B1 Reinforcing structure of locking holes of trucks’ wheels
TW201728476A Structure for securely locking wheel rim of truck
TWI569988B Manufacturing process of lightening bicycle wheel rim and structure of wheel rim
TW201538355A Carbon fiber wheel structure and method for manufacturing the same
TW201700136A Baseball bat structure
TW201538382A Tube structure for bike
TW201700313A Rim structure for bike
TW201632373A Bicycle wheel set
TWI542504B Method for manufacturing bicycle fork having wheel clamping base
CN104942530A Integrally formed aluminum alloy bicycle front fork manufacturing method
US2015266081A1 Method for manufacturing integrated aluminum alloy bicycle front fork
TW201425120A Manufacturing method for integrally formed bicycle fork made of aluminum alloy
TW201504077A Bicycle wheel structure
TW201504078A Bicycle hub structure
US2014132060A1 Bicycle Wheel Rim