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Find out everything you need to know about any company’s innovation strategy

Main industry & technology area

See in which industry and technology areas companies are being innovative.


Identify potential competitors when you receive a list of companies with technologies similar to yours.


Identify who came up with the most innovative ideas in any company.

Target markets

Use a specific company's geospatial patent filing strategy as an indicator for their target markets.

Research intelligence

View the latest innovations from any company and identify where they are progressing.

Executive overview for over 500k companies

Screenshot of GoodIP IQ showing information about Netflix.
Two screenshots of mobile phones showing GoodIP IQ. The first the top companies in the category computer technology, the second key stats about netflix.

Insights not just data

We translate IP gibberish into business language

Business ready

No more need for attorneys to explain the data to you.

Industry categories

Brand new mapping between companies and their industries based on their research outcomes.

Technology categories

Straightforward technology descriptions.

Identify hidden competitors

Easily recognize your closest competitors

Innovative algorithm

We invented a new way to quantitatively compare the company's IP strategies.

115 billion comparisons

We calculate the similarity between each pairing of 480 thousand companies and select the top 10.

Other insights

Top 100 lists


Who is at the forefront of their industry?



Who is the leading company in each technology sector?


Patent office

Who is filing the most patents in which countries?



Behind the scenes

50 million patents

analyzed to build GoodIP IQ profiles.

115 billion comparisons

made by our advanced method to identify similarities in IP strategies.

500,000 companies

clustered into brand new technology and industry categories.