Avoid the painful intellectual property mistakes

Get your data-driven strategy to protect your business.
Built by data scientists and top lawyers.

Painful intellectual property mistakes almost every startup makes

Thought about intellectual property too late

If you don’t protect business now, your competitors will copy your great idea

Didn’t check if their company brand is still available

All the money you are spending on marketing is wasted

Don’t own their intellectual property and know-how

Investors won’t invest in your business

Your data-driven strategy gives you everything you need to protect your business

Avoid IP mistakes

IP is a minefield. Patents are critical because if you do not have them by the time you realize you need them, it is going to be too late.

Attract investors

IP are valuable assets that help you obtain funding. Having just one patent reduces the time to your first investment by up to 76%.

Reduce legal spending

Creating useless IP is expensive. We help you protect what matters for your company.

How it works

GoodIP GO identifies your risks and creates your strategy

1. Measure

We ask you a series of questions that correspond to 150+ industry and technology aspects

2. Calculate

We compare the results to determine the perfect protection strategy for your company

3. Determine

You get a clear step-by-step strategy so that you never have to worry about intellectual property again

Get your data-driven strategy to protect your business.

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Better than just a lawyer


GoodIP GO recommends what worked for companies like yours.


We remove the legal gibberish that nobody understands.


We give you the strategy to be investor ready.

Get certified

Show investors and competitors that you have created a high level of protection for your business.

Your perfect IP strategy in 20 minutes

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Get everything you need to never worry about IP again

We take the time to talk with you and learn about your company. We then help you understand your patent options by explaining them simply and straightforwardly. We do not complicate things with unnecessary "legalese".

  • Step-by-step IP strategy
  • IP pitch-deck slides
  • IP playbook
  • IP certificate


Who benefits the most?


University spin-offs

Fast-growing companies


It's your choice

$1199 one time
Patent attorney
$500 per hour
Online research
IP strategy -
Results instead of meetings - -
Based on big data analysis - -
Made for founders by founders - -
No legal gibberish - -

Get your tailor-made IP strategy

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