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GoodIP AI Analysis  & Project Outcome

GoodIP IP Analysis

Preh Group

Automotive Supplier

Preh Group is an innovative company that offers control system solutions for cars and commercial vehicles. Preh Group uses GoodIP AI driven patent analysis to:

  • Improve its IP strategy
  • Analyze large patent portfolios

GoodIP IP Strategy


Healthcare Company

Neurocare innovates mental health  by personalizing therapy assessment and treatment with their Neuromodulation Technology. NeuroCare uses GoodIP AI driven strategy to:

  • Create its IP strategy
  • Analyze its patent portfolio
  • Perform M&A due diligence

GoodIP IP Strategy


Biotechnology Startup

Invitris is a Munich biotechnology company that produces personalized methods for bacteriophages therapy. Invitris uses GoodIP AI driven strategy to:

  • Create its IP strategy
  • Monitor competitor patents through AI summaries

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