We’ve been showcased as one of the top Innovative Based Machine Learning Companies in Bavaria and Munich

Munich, Germany—September 2th, 2021

GoodIP was selected as one of the top innovative companies in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Bavaria by Futurology.life. As a media company, Futurology’s main aim is to boost innovative startups’ investment by spreading information between other companies and institutional investors and by doing so, promoting innovation growth on a global scale.

The top Innovative Based Machine Learning Companies

GoodIP is a tailored IP strategy solution that focuses on a non-bias AI approach for the evaluation of a company’s IP portfolio. We are honored for the recognition as an innovative company that adopted the use of machine learning as a facilitator mechanism to understand the investment, strength, and quality level of a company’s patents. Thus, as a startup that adopts AI to always provide clear and unbiased insights to our customers, the qualification and an “extraordinary organization” is a source of motivation to continuing growing, enhancing, and developing new technologies in the area of technology law.

“We are excited about the recognition as one of the most important machine learning startups in our business area, is rewarding to see that Futurology recognizes our effort to make IP and patents understandable and straightforward for other innovation businesses and startups, In GoodIP we are looking forward to seeing more of Futurology recommendations in the future”, said Dr. Bastian July, CEO GoodIP

Futurology featured GoodIP as a top machine learning for its outstanding performance in the areas of an innovative product, exceptional growth strategy, innovative management style, and social impact. We genuinely thank Futurology for the recognition and we hope to hear about other amazing companies in the future. Read the full articles here:

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