Preh & GoodIP join forces for developing an early IP strategy

Munich, Germany—August 24th, 2021

Dr. Matthias Lust, Head of Pre-Development and Worldwide Patent Management of Preh Group, joined forces with GoodIP for their new patent evaluation. He expressed his experience in a short video, emphasizing the importance of innovation not only for designing new products and business ideas but also for developing a strong and accurate IP strategy

“We are not only innovative in our product, we are also innovative with our IP strategy and approach…so, we did our first research and we saw that there is a new way to do this evaluation and rating of patents, and for this, we approached GoodIP to support us”, Dr. Lust commented.

Preh is an innovative company that develops OEM* products for partners in the automotive industry since 1988 and has been in the technology industry since early 1919. As a company that is always developing new solutions focused on the customer experience, the need for early patent analysis is self-evident.   

“It is always nice to see that our product aligns with the needs of our customers. The insights we provide are developed from many years of experience and the outcome is always innovation. I believe Preh and GoodIP share that know-how in each of our areas of expertise, that’s why I am certain that our partnership will bring great solutions to life”, said Dr. Bastian July, CEO of GoodIP.

The solution provided by GoodIP is based on artificial intelligence technology and focuses on the quality, strength, and insights of the patents’ portfolio to increase its value and protection performance. This supports the Preh group to focus and well-address their new products initiatives.  

‍*Original Equipment Manufacturer

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