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December 8th, 2021

Are you an entrepreneur who needs help in the intellectual property game? GoodIP has just the answer with their new platform- GoodIP IQ.

With more than 500.000 companies analyzed we can describe GoodIP IQ In just one query: You’ll learn about any company’s IP strategy in a matter of seconds!

GoodIP IQ helps entrepreneurs to reach a whole overview of their own companies against an upright picture of their competitors and future market opportunities. The platform is free to use and available to anyone. If you’re looking for a head start when it comes to your business, GoodIP IQ is the place to start.

Do you want to learn more about this unique platform? Here are some pointers on what to do with it:

1. Which companies are winning the intellectual property game

In the past decade, the world has seen rapid technological change. In just a few years, there have been more innovations than in many centuries before. For example, In 2010 only, Google was granted 2,749 patents and Microsoft around 1,078. Just to be completely clear, this is information for one year only!

Many modern business strategies rely on intellectual property so it is important for companies to understand the practices and trends of their own industries.

GoodIP IQ unveils patent information from major corporations like IBM or Amazon which are used as indicators of innovation (even though these large corporations keep such strategies under the radar). This is the opportunity for smaller companies to take advantage of this opportunity to see what’s coming down the pipeline of innovation!

2. Which companies have similar patent strategies to you

It’s important for founders and entrepreneurs to understand the practices and patterns of their industry. GoodIP IQ offers unique insights into patent applications to help everyone to find the best approach for their own business.

It provides them with a complete picture of their competitors and future market opportunities. When an entrepreneur uses GoodIP IQ, they can learn about any company’s IP strategy including status updates on all patents they have applied for or received, allowing them to protect themselves before it is too late.

3. Which industries, technology areas, and countries companies are protecting their intellectual property

Now that you know who your competitors actually are, you may be curious about where they have registered patents worldwide? Or in which frequency patents have been successfully granted? Well, GoodIP IQ is all there for you!

In the innovation race, information is the key, and now just by a quick search, you will be able to understand your competitors’ complete picture, weaknesses, and future market opportunities for you.

By understanding the practice and trends of the industry, small companies can also better understand how to protect themselves. Founders can now, beforehand, successfully plan the next steps in their own IP strategy with a more understandable level of information or even project their advances to an international level, the possibilities are unlimited…

4. The platform is free to use and with a great user design, it is available to anyone!

Well yes, it is free!! But why? GoodIP’s main goal is to help founders/ entrepreneurs with their IP journey, and the first step to achieve it is to open the closed doors of IP to everybody, not only lawyers or big corporations with resources,

“Patent data is a closed book for business people,” says GoodIP co-founder Bastian July. “Effectively, getting access to classified patent information has only been possible for experts with lots of money. We used targeted, self-developed algorithms and, over several months, the programs deciphered 53 million patent applications. We captured information from many companies and suppliers to big tech that most people have never heard of, yet have a huge, ongoing impact.”

The new platform is also designed to provide a better user experience and embrace the future of innovation with a more understandable and straightforward approach. GoodIP also uses a self-learning algorithm that discovers patterns between patents, determining which elements are relevant for success in one search,

Dr. July continued, “We changed the game and translated the data to make it understandable and actionable, so globally, everyone — not only a select expert group — gets access.

So if you’re looking for a head start when it comes to your business, GoodIP IQ is the place to begin with it!

5. With this knowledge in hand, companies can then work in improving or creating successful IP strategies

GoodIP IQ is just the beginning of the journey!

On the platform, you essentially learn about your market and competitors but there is a whole new world ahead for you.

From experience, we know the next step for your innovation idea/ startup/ medium-size company is either to create your IP strategy or to improve the existing one. That is why, GoodIP is right now developing new products that will allow you to create seamless and complete IP strategies in just minutes, with truthful information, for the people that actually matter -entrepreneurs that actually innovate-, and with a design so simple that everybody can handily scratch.

We can say today, one-stop source for intellectual property is what GoodIP is all about!!

Why? GoodIP understands the need for simplicity, that is why this Munich startup creates solutions thinking in transparency and clearness. GoodIP’s team firmly believes data will change the way you think about Intellectual Property.

So our final message for you? GoodIP knows that the founders/ entrepreneurs who realize that IP strategy is too important to simply leave it in the hands of the lawyers are the ones that reach their goals and win the intellectual property war, so take matters into your own hands,

Find out which companies are winning the intellectual property game now!! Go to

Linus Kohl, Sebastian Hugl, Dr. Bastian July -founders of GoodIP from right to left-

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