Munich StartUp looking beneath the surface of GoodIP

Munich, Germany—May 3rd, 2021

Seven questions to get to know everything about the newest and most promising start-ups – that’s the goal of Munich StartUp’s series of “7 questions for”. On May 3rd, the Munich-based start-up GoodIP had the pleasure to talk about their founding, business development, biggest downfall and the solution to the question every company asks itself: “Are we secure for the future?”

‍Patent evaluation has been around for years. However, “it is fascinating, but above all really terrifying to see how many companies have patents simply as a value on the balance sheet without understanding their actual benefit” says Sebastian Hugl, COO GoodIP and talks about how important it is for executives to understand the company’s patents in order to make good business decisions based on profound data.

‍GoodIP is a frequently consulted expert at the European Patent Office and the European Commission and has already partnered up with companies like OSRAM, Giesecke+Devrient and Preh to give strategic recommendations for optimizing the company’s value. With its AI-driven patent evaluation, the start-up helps other start-ups and scale-ups during litigation processes and in developing outstanding IP strategies, and provides the fundamental tools to help them increase their company’s and innovations’ value and to make them prepared for the future.

Read the full interview with GoodIP’s three founders Bastian, Linus and Sebastian here:

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