AI-driven Patent Evaluation for biotech startup Invitris

Munich, Germany—June 22nd, 2021

GoodIP released a one minute and forty-seven seconds video on YouTube together with Patrick Grossmann, co-founder of the biotech start-up Invitris, emphasizing the importance of a strong IP Strategy for start-ups and scale-ups.

“Protecting your IP through patents is one of the most important factors for securing funding”, Grossmann says and praises GoodIP’s work of bringing patents and comprehensibility together with their AI-driven patent evaluation.

‍GoodIP is a Munich-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence to enable companies to optimize their IP strategy and make it future-proof. The start-up has already helped big international companies like OSRAM and Giesecke+Devrient in strengthening their innovations by giving strategic recommendations for actions to optimize the company’s value.

Partnering up with GoodIP has helped Invitris to prevail alongside companies with large patent portfolios by showing investors that a few well-written patents increase a company’s value much more than many mediocre ones.

“We are happy to help Invitris strengthen its position as an innovative startup for investors and are looking forward to being a part of their journey changing the world for the better with personalized therapeutics,” said Dr. Bastian July, CEO GoodIP.

‍With its AI-driven patent evaluation, GoodIP helps startups and scale-ups during critical stages of IP strategy development and litigation processes and provides the fundamental tools to help them increase their company’s and innovations’ value.

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