I’m not the type of person for this legal stuff… I’m a maker.

I want to build products, identify new market needs and turn inventions into innovations. This really drives me and it all happens in the world of creativity in the space of technology and business models plus empathizing with humans.

Cutting holes into a transporter sometimes feels like founding a new startup.

But if you spot the right idea and prepare everything for your pitch to raise some money, most investors will tell you that you should protect your company with at least a patent. Ok — why exactly do I need a patent?

This sounded ridiculous to me from day one

Their recommendation is that I should go to a patent attorney who will tell me how to protect my business. Seriously? How should a patent attorney know how to protect a startup? Aren’t they the people who are making money by writing patent applications?

For me, a patent attorney is comparable to a bricklayer — what?

A patent attorney has the same interest as a bricklayer, they do have just different products. Similar to how a bricklayer would always tell you that you need to build your houses with stones. A patent attorney will always tell you to get a patent.

Thanks a lot, now I know that I could get ripped off by a patent attorney without having a solution.

Now you can basically start all night by searching after funny stuff like:

Do I need a patent? 

What is an NDA? 

How much does it cost to get a design?

Let’s change that and become a maker again

As we identified this problem it turned out that you can be a maker and even try to help other startup founders with data. That’s why we tried to figure out how we can help startup founders in the best and easiest way by still delivering high-quality content. And yes, we thought about revolutionizing the patent system, but this is different — not a shortcut to anything.

That’s why we used our in-house IP experts, data scientist, and economist to simplify the whole process. We started by gathering all information about what investors wanted to hear and what not. But also collected quantitative data from various sources for research projects and worked through many research papers.

Are you willing to take the risk to build your house on the wrong material from Day 1?

To make a long story short — you will still need a bricklayer. But you should go to your architect first to identify if you really want to build your houses with stones or if it even makes sense to use wood.

Without an architect, you will never find that out.

Get the architect — GoodIP GO

GoodIP GO is a data-driven IP strategy tool every entrepreneur can use and understand. It provides a tailor-made list of goals, risk analysis, budget forecasting, and a vast knowledge base answering any question you might have.

GoodIP GO — Executive summary

Finally f*ck legal complexity — use the easiest way to protect your startup

We are super excited to announce that we have left beta stage and now want to help as many founders as possible. So if you are currently having these topics on your bucket list, learn more about GoodIP GO and try it yourself here.