GoodIP side up with the High-Growth Technology Business (HTB) community

Munich, Germany—September 08, 2021

GoodIP has joined the High-Growth Technology Business (HTB) community created by the European Patent Office (EPO) and its dedicated program “European Patent Academy” and The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). The community aims to connect professionals and business organizations in the IP industry for sharing market insights about trends, experiences, and new practices.

‍The HTB community has the clear mission of supporting the knowledge transfer in innovation, research development, and growth of IP assets, especially for technology-focused organizations. Another objective is to help entrepreneurs increase their efficacy in the decision-making process when creating a successful IP strategy. GoodIP joined the HTB community to increase awareness of the importance of generating tailored IP strategies.

“At GoodIP we are happy to join the HTB community; we have great expectations of the project as it is a great opportunity to increase our knowledge in financing and operational topics, while we share our expertise in IP evaluation and strategy development”, said Dr. Bastian July, CEO GoodIP

‍With the HTB community, GoodIP intends to further encourage startups and medium-sized companies to start an early IP strategy development and increase their intellectual property value. Join the HTB community now to get more information on the benefits of this great initiative.

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