GoodIP is now an associated partner of KI-Marktplatz

Munich, Germany— August 31st, 2021

Since the 23rd of August GoodIP has joined KI-Marktplatz as an associated partner of the digital platform focused on connecting innovation companies in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

KI-Marktplatz platform’s main goal is to bring together small and medium-sized companies to support technology development through the process of knowledge transfer. Ki-Marktplatz actively encourages entrepreneurs and developers to stay up to date with the latest developments, using their research results database, and their innovation ecosystem that includes several expertise events and publications.

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GoodIP is a Munich-based startup focused on the rating and evaluation of a company’s patent portfolio by using AI as a facilitator mechanism to easily analyze the quality, strength and value of business intellectual property. Therefore, being part of the community will be highly beneficial thanks to the support that KI-Marktplatz gives to its affiliates in the search for new conceivable opportunities in the AI market.

“We are excited about the cooperation between GoodIP and Marktplatz. The truth is that you always encounter challenges when developing advanced technology projects. I believe this alliance will improve our current AI system by providing GoodIP with good insights into the latest practices of the industry and also will increase our IT network”  said Linus Kohl, CTO GoodIP.

GoodIP intends to revolutionize the industry of Patents, which has been typically considered as an old-fashioned market, only available for experts, by helping companies with their intellectual property with the use of AI and data sciences. We look forward to this new and exciting journey of “Building a better AI marketplace” and hope for a long and rewarding partnership. Read more about the associated partner between GoodIP and KI-Marktplatz here:

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